The Kidnappers+Modern Pets+Your Pest Bandのツアー日程です

The Kidnappers(from Hamburg) + Modern Pets(from Berlin) Japan tour 2014 with Your Pest Bandのツアー日程です。

The Kidnappers
Modern Pets

6/18 東京・幡ヶ谷Heavy Sick
The Fadeaways presents
w/ Live:The Fadaways +DJ:Bisco(episode sounds)
Open 7pm / Start  7:30pm
adv 2,000yen(+1drink) / door 2,500yen(+1drink)

6/19 愛知・名古屋Studio 246
"nurse green vol.26" 
w/ Low Card De La Morte and  Xero Fiction
Start 7:30pm
Ticket:door only 1,500yen

6/20 岡山 Crazymama1
w/ AGGS,The Noup and G.K.Dave(福山)
Start 8pm
Ticket: door only 1,500yen(Under-18 / 500yen)

6/21 兵庫・神戸O.J.B
Thee Mighty Fevers presents
"FASTER and Louder younger & snottyer vol.3"
w/ Boys Order and Thee Mighty Fevers
Open 6pm / Start  7pm
Ticket : door only 2,000yen

6/22 大阪・江坂Pine Farm
The Geros presents
w/ Concrete Waves and The Geros 
Start 6pm
Ticket : door only 2,000yen

6/23 京都 Rinky Dink Studio
with one accord presents
"the light ot split second vol.11"
w/ Cows
Open 7:30pm / Start 8pm 
Ticket: door only 1,500yen
6/24 横浜 Orange County Brothers
"Mule Team presents"
w/ The Death(ex-PiLVET,No,Encroched) and Mule Team(d/i/s/c/o/s + ex-Balladmen) 
Open 6pm /  Start 7pm
Ticket : door only 2,000yen(+1drink)

6/25 栃木・足利 Soundhouse Pico
w/ Car10 and Gleam Garden
Start 7:00pm
Ticket : door only 2,000yen

6/26 福島・郡山Peak Action 
Strange Factory presents
"Troops of tomorrow Vol.47 "
w/ Band of Accuse,rebel one excalibur,Redd Temple,takeshi inoue(大阪) and Strange Factory 
Open 6pm / Start 6:30pm
Ticket : door only 1,500yen(+1drink)

6/27 東京・小岩Bushbash
w/ Encroached and You Got A Radio
Open  6:30pm / Start 7pm
Ticket : adv 2,000yen(+1drink) / door 2,500yen(+1drink)

6/28 東京・下北沢Three 
w/ Firestarter,No,The Raydios and TVTV
Open 5pm / Start  5:30pm
Ticket : adv 2,300yen(+1drink) / door 2,800yen(+1drink)
Modern Petsは日本ツアーの1週間前に台湾2か所でライブをするそうです。仕上がった状態でライブが観られると思うので今から楽しみです。